Hi, I'm Britt!

Happy you’re here! My name is Britt Zec and this is Sports Talk Made Simple. Sports have been my passion all of my life.  I was born in Chicago, and some of my most vivid childhood memories were attending Bulls Games with my Dad. Whether it was watching MJ in his final year in Chicago, or rooting for Da Bears every year with my Mom, win or lose…(usually lose), it was inevitable that I’d become a die-hard Chicago Sports Fan…and for the record, I’m Team Cubs over Team Sox. I was always a ham growing up and loved the spotlight. I was the kid that rallied up all of my Cousins at Family get-togethers to make up a dance routine, or organize a “talent show” to perform in front of all of my relatives. It was only natural that my dream was to be a Sports Journalist.

The love I had for sports at a young age stuck with me throughout my life, and lead me to play College Basketball at the University of Redlands. Unfortunately, I tore my ACL my Senior Year of High School, and upon returning at the collegiate level, wasn’t as explosive as I used to be. Right before the start of my Junior Year in College, I took a hard look at my career, and realized I wasn’t going to the WNBA. Therefore, I decided to hang up the sneakers, and focus on my career. I started commuting to University of Southern California, to take a Sports Journalism class at the Annenberg School of Journalism (counted as part of my Redlands credits, yayyy liberal arts!)

I impressed the Professor in my class, and he gave me a contact at Fox Sports. Long story short, I obtained an Internship with Fox Sports, and ended up having 3 Internships with Fox Sports throughout my Senior Year (160 miles round trip…worth it!) When I graduated, I was hired with the company, and when Undisputed launched, I was hired and have been with the show since.

I have always been the Friend that explained what was happening in the Sports world to others, and that’s where the idea for Sports Talk Made Simple came from. I live and breathe Sports, and realize not everyone has 10 hours a day to keep up with all the Sports Talk Shows and News. My goal with Sports Talk Made Simple is to empower you to talk Sports by giving you the basic facts you need so you can feel confident owning the conversation every day.

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