The Story behind Sports Talk Made Simple withdraw Welcome to Sports Talk Simple! I’m your host, Britt Zec. Growing up, Sports have always been the center of my life. I was born in Chicago to two die-hard Chi Town Sports Fans, and from birth was constantly surrounded by all things Bulls, Cubs (Sox Fans…I’m judging you), Bears and Blackhawks. I started playing Basketball in Kindergarten, and my love for the game eventually led me all the way to playing hoops at the Collegiate level. I hung up the sneakers my Junior year of College, and decided to take my talents from on the court to up in the press box. Through a connection from one of my Professors, I obtained an Internship with my dream company, Fox Sports! After a year of being an Intern, I was offered a job with the company and have been with Fox Sports since. My life revolves around Sports 24/7, but realized not everyone has that luxury of time, which is why I created Sports Talk Made Simple. The purpose of STMS is to empower people with the basic facts they need every day so they can feel confident talking sports wherever they go. Whether you’re conquering that office water-cooler talk, or out and about, Sports Talk Made Simple is a platform created for you to help you own the conversation.

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